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We have developed operations through which we provide a bonded warehousing as requested by importers. This allows Levent to coordinate shipping from the exporter’s plant in Brazil by performing an MTO operation to the bonded terminal located near importer’s plant, thereby reducing delivery times to a maximum of 2 business days.

In order to meet the needs of key machinery brokers (graders, trucks, excavators, agricultural machinery…), we developed a solution for shipping equipment in containers, thereby reducing costs and risks caused by transshipment delays (considering that such equipment items are more often than not often shipped to remote destinations such as Africa and the Middle East).

After developing and submitting a feasibility study including shorter delivery times and costs savings to our client Mendes Júnior (one of the leading Brazilian builders), we were chosen to perform the logistics integration in the earlier stage - phase I (3 stations) and then for phase II (5 stations). Nearly 70,000m³ were transported, including turbines (Solar Turbines), compressors (Mitsubishi), air coolers (GE Nuovo Pignone) and other components. It should be noted that the transit time for the turbines, from San Diego, CA, USA to the client's station in São Carlos, state of Sao Paulo (Brazil) was 22 running days – considering customs formalities and the final delivery to their respective final locations.

The challenge was to deliver approximately 10,000m³ in equipment, including 75-meter long parts, from Ipatinga, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil (place of origin) to the Santos, Brazil Terminal according to a specific schedule provided by the Usiminas Mecânica - IPS syndicate, after the onsite early assembly stage by the manufacturer, which included heavy duty equipment and a number of specialists. Considering the challenging context, we designed a combined railway (for smaller parts) and highway transportation strategy for the oversized equipment from the origin at Ipatinga to the Praia Mole, ES port Terminal, where the equipment was shipped in 2 Brazilian flag vessels. The whole process took only 9 running days.


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