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Since our inception in Brazil in 1994, Levent has been serving the industry with great success supported by an undergone sustained growth, as a result of our quality standards, our transparency, top-notch staff and the consolidation of partnerships that seek medium- and long-term results. The ISO 9001:2000 certification process began in 2002 and was successfully accomplished by January 2003, based on this achievement we have developed and implemented a cutting edge ERP and CRM systems, which gives even more reliability. The resulting synergy secures an experience that creates a win win environment .


The mission of Levent is to provide logistics solutions that meet client requirements in connection with technical specifications and contractual terms through continuous process improvement.

2073, Paulista, Ave. - 23rd Floor Gr. 2301
Horsa II - Conjunto Nacional
São Paulo, Brazil Zip Code: 01311 940
Phone: 55 11 3179 0001 Fax: 55 11 3179 0002
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